Fitness should naturally be a way of life.

Hi, My name is Indra and I am challenging you, encouraging you, to get on up and come outside. This project started with three friends wanting to become healthier by adding a little outdoor activity to their lives. I have run with the idea of not leaving anyone behind and spreading the word to inspire every reader to try to live an active life, you just may like how you feel.

I share experiences of my own and stories people have shared with me along the way. I also share tips and ideas for merchandise, activities, places to visit that will get you moving, and all sorts of other inspiring information.

We currently run every Tuesday night. The original Tuesday Night Urban Run Club “where no one gets left behind” running group meets every Tuesday night at Whole Foods Market 650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE 30308. We meet at 7 to stretch, warm up, and catch up on the weeks haps, and take off at 7.30 sharp. This is an all levels group where “NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND”. After the run feel free to join the regulars for dinner and conversation. During the last three years, this after gathering has built a even more supportive group of “running buddies”.  To stay in the loop join us on FaceBook: Urban Run Club.

So what are you waiting for, get on up and move that tired body, I promise you will feel your best after even a quick walk around the block.

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This winter has been a bit cooler than most. There have been lots of days and nights most of us have opted for the sofa instead of hitting the gym or heading out for a ride or a run. For tonight’s URC I had about the lowest amount if get up and get out I have had in a very long time. I was happy to see a good group out tonight. We talked about things like the importance of owning proper cold weather running gear and things. By the end of 5 plus miles we were all warmed up and full of joy. It felt good to be a part of such a great group of positive people.
On the subject of good people, this week I went out on the wild side and crossed the threshold of a gym. I have always had a certain side eye look when others talked so happily about their gym workouts. My mind would race straight to a rat on that wheel that just spins and spins and the rat never goes anywhere. I shutter just thinking about it. Well, leave it up to me to find a great little gym alllllllll the way across town to spark my little flame/secret love affair for working out under the direction of a trainer.


Now that you see why I have gone out on a limb, symmetry and core strength are my two areas that have to be tightened up if I expect to run more in the future.
Up until last fall I could get away with just running all the time without any other type of training. Now I know I have to do more than just run.
Thankfully I ran into a good friend from many years back who is now a personal trainer. Sekou Walton and his AWSOME assistant Christie Waite have the most supportive easy going yet demanding ways to get you to do exercises you may or may not have done before. I didn’t realize until I got there I was “trying out” for a 90 day program of healthy eating, bootcamp and group activities. (I don’t always read the fine print.) 2190 is a group of around 21 people who are committed to perform better and build better habits and healthier relationships with ourselves. Above you see my day one weigh in and my morning pre “movement” class micro tummy. Besides powering up my lower body, I can’t wait to see the after pictures.
Cheers to both groups I have spent time with so far this week, URC for a chilly winter run and my 2190 crew.


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